A city the size of Aurora, Illinois, speaks business with everything that it does. OnLight Aurora helps make business in the 21st century possible for those companies already in Aurora and those that seek to relocate here.

Business Retention

There exists a robust business community in Aurora and Onlight Aurora is taking steps to provide options for this valuable fourth utility that drives business for them in the 21st century. Where other service providers have bypassed some business areas, OnLight Aurora is adding network infrastructure to provide high-speed broadband service to parts of the city left behind by other service providers. All current businesses, big or small, should have these network services available to them to properly compete in today's business climate. In addition, access to video conferencing, data center services and competitive high-speed broadband defines OnLight Aurora’s mission.


Economic Development

As Illinois’ second largest city, and still growing, Aurora, Illinois has been able to continue to attract business during rough economic times. Much of this has been companies consolidating facilities or re-shoring facilities from other countries. OnLight Aurora has high-speed broadband and metro ethernet network options available for users of all sizes. This is the fourth utility you won't find in other cities! This is all part of a robust, self-healing, redundant network offering each facility at least gigabit connectivity and ready to provide more. Contact us today to plan your move into Illinois’ second largest city and highly robust business climate.