In a community the size of Aurora, IL, second largest city in Illinois, healthcare is a substantial community asset.  OnLight Aurora provides access to all of the medical facilities in the city and their affiliates and can provide connections to outside healthcare networks on a secure basis to speed high bandwidth medical files with scans and x-rays between facilities without accessing the Internet.  In this age of ‘bring your own device’ using tablets, pads and smart devices, bandwidth needs are increasing both from internal staff needs as well as the patients and their families in the waiting room.  Real-time, highly available network access is important to enable remote medicine, off-site school nurse and other evaluation and treatment options.  

Securing this data is not only important, it’s the law!  Our highly secure and available network has survived the test of both time and heavy usage and continues to grow to this day.  Access to two-way audio/video conferencing provides both patient and medical service providers with a very efficient tool to diagnose and treat patients.