Our business model makes it easier and more accessible to gain access to the advantages our fiber network has to offer, potentially with a lower barrier to entry. We will help you connect to this valuable fourth utility that is so much a part of our technology needs today.

OnLight Aurora will help you make the lateral connections to the network using one of two methods:

  • Direct Fiber Connections – heavy users will need this connection along with those that anticipate substantial future voice, video and data needs.
  • Wireless Point-to-Point Connections – lower bandwidth users will find this type of connection more economical, just as secure and highly available using the newest technology.

This network has additional advantages others can only dream about. Many users will find the availability of a data center on the network to be a substantial financial and security advantage over making your own investment in this equipment.

In addition, the network has two-way audio/visual conferencing capabilities available to your organization. Both represent a substantial step up in reducing your technology costs and increasing your technology capabilities.

Contact us to take advantage of this unique opportunity today!